The Book Series
“Once Through A Garden Gate”
Is Now In Print!


Whether they are triumphing in The Worm Olympics Game or convincing all of the others that chickens can do more than chickens have ever done before, Gracie and Bessie are inseparable.

But when the other chickens begin to move away to new homes, Gracie and Bessie are left with only each other. Who will be next? What if they are separated? Will they ever find new friends?


The Sewer Rat had been tormenting the chickens for days and days. he had become The Biggest Scary Thing for Gracie. Even though she has faced The Big Scary Thing and the Bigger Scary Thing, she is not sure what to do about The Biggest Scary Thing.

But Gracie is the new leader of her flock, and she has to do something. She devises The Best Plan Ever that includes an ingenious invention called The Sewer Rat Eradicator. Will it prove that chickens are brave? Will it get rid of the Sewer Rat once and for all?


Summer 2022!

Spring 2022!

Amelia is an orphan along with Emily. When they come to live in a new garden home, no one realizes—not even them—the amazing talents they possess. How can country chickens ever enjoy city life? Will Amelia find out whether or not she can be lost and not afraid? And will she be able to fly to the moon and back?

This is a gallery of our main chicken characters with more to be added soon!

As a blog, “My Life With Gracie” has been enjoyed by many people around the world. Now the heartwarming stories and illustrations you’ve come to love are available in print as an exciting book series!

You will enjoy the adventures of a small flock of backyard chickens as they reveal their mysteries and secrets. You are also likely to learn some words from the Chicken language!

Working cover design for “The Shoebox”

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